Design at Yale (DAY) is an undergraduate design community & studio run from Yale. Mostly, we like to have fun and make things.

We envision DAY to be a creative community for all undergraduates interested in design and its intersections.
We want this to be a space where you can find your next creative collaborator, or just a place where you can pitch in to be a part of something fun & tangible at any point in your time at Yale.

Founded in Fall 2019 as User Experience Society. In Fall 2021, we continued the mantle of Design at Yale, another undergraduate organization originally founded in 2009 that had been defunct for a few years. 

Meet the Board

Design at Yale is organized by a board of undergraduate students and its studio team.


Reach us if you’re interested in collaborating with us.

Kaloyan Kolev,
CS, 2023

Kevin Chen,
CS, 2023

Meet the Studio 

Each designer brings in their unique practices, forming a dynamic team each year. Individual creative freedom matters to us.


Contact our Studio team if you’d like to explore work with someone.

Alana Liu
Computing & the Arts, 2023

Karen Lin
CS + History of Art, 2024

Lawrence Wang
CS + Economics, 2023

Evan Kirkiles
CS, 2024

Sarah Teng
Computing & the Arts, 2024

Gabby Uy
Art + Sociology, 2025

Serena Cheng
Art + Psychology, 2023.5


Our alumni work at some of the top design companies around the country.

we miss u <3

Chia Amisola
Founder & President (19—22) chia.design

Brice Bai

Vice-President (19—22)

Wednesday Jan 26 2022