Our Alumni continue their practices across art, design, and publishing in a variety of industries.
Select alumni have availability for freelancing, mentorship, and speaking.

For inquiries, contact our Alumni Coordinator, Chia Amisola at

Alumni Roster

Chia Amisola (CPAR ‘22)
Product Designer at Figma. Previously Spotify, Adobe Design Circle, Kleiner Perkins.
Available for Studio, freelance, speaking.
Website. LinkedIn. Email.

Brice Bai (CPAR ‘22)
Product Designer at Amazon.
Available for freelance.
Website. LinkedIn. Email.


Alumni Studio

Like our undergraduate studio, our Alumni are open to inquiries on part-time/contract-basis professional work year-round. 

They work on product, brand, print design, and more.

Contact our Alumni Coordinator, Chia Amisola at with information about your project so we can best connect you.


If you’re a current Yale undergraduate student in need of career assistance or design advice, feel free to reach out to directly to our Alumni.

Wednesday Jan 26 2022